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I too am interested in this panel. How about sharing the panel if it already has something working? As a word of advice if you hold the panel to your self and release it when it is 100% perfect then the risk of it ending up on some dark corner of your hdd forever. The community might help you do the things that are still missing. This is just my personal thought and I do the same thing. I am working on v-amp2 panel, but only have one MIDI cable at home so I haven’t been able to continue it although it is able to communicate with the device. Maybe I will share it soon unfinished, the functionality is the most important part of the panel the layout comes in second. Having functional panel with a layout that doesn’t satisfy everybody is better than having no panel at all. And because this application is flexible people that has issues with the layouts can change them to their liking.
Sorry for the outburst, but it seems that I have those when the issue is even loosely related to some other issues =)

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