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Sorry about this panel i give up for now
i must reconsider it
if I want full vst integration for it , I need to break it and reduce very strongly my mods number near 380 for sound ,same for multi data and drum set data plus single params
Since I masterize way better uiCustomComponent I can reduce strongly mod number
, evitate a lot of brainer and add “macro” modulators
customcomp does a lot of cool things
-multiple params in one (like step arps ) using BigInteger +hidden mods (valueMapped)
-multistage interrupts (evitate using several buttons&radiogroup)
-listboxes&tabs&modulators&graphic elements in same time
-customized listboxes

I’ve created for another synth a global data custom comp that works
with sliders & buttons
my system doesn’t work with “snapshot” feature but could work with “progam” feature
using “createProgramFromData”
I will start a new panel this week and post news very soon

Edit :
Also I’ve 3 options :
-The panel works like micro Q (buffers must be saved before quit like micro q)
simplier method for me

-The buffers (37+50) are kept in the ctrlr when I JUST save project in the DAW

– Implement the two with possibility of chosing one

What do you think about it ?

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