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Thanks for the panel opuswerk, it looks great.

I’ve added a switch to link all lower tone modulators to the upper tone, making a single stereo patch in dual mode or a 24 oscillator monosynth in unison mode! It sets the value ‘manually’ first which might send too much sysex at once but resending the patch from ctrlr would sort it. The function also resets key mode (to dual), balance and chase but you could comment that out easily.

The patch key mode sysex function was missing so that’s working now.

The Upper DCO1 tune modulator had a vst index of 0 which bound it to the modulator with index 1 for some reason, so I’ve bumped it up to something unique.

I’ve also changed the dynamics list items from numbers to soft, linear and exponential to make it easier to understand.

The upper tone’s visible vst names now use less than 8 characters where possible to increase readability on ableton’s push.

Seems to be working ok but please lemme know if I’ve missed anything.

Possemo thanks for your offer of soldering, will have to see if the PWM sounds are worth the hassle of shipping from London the capital of England. As for the rest of the firmware I think it’ll be a while before I exhaust the MKS70’s myriad of parameters.

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