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Hello Superlewing,

Great little update. Makes me think it’d be great to have a way to link Tone A with Tone B and keep the differences of the slaved Tone. In that way it’d become possible to to detune one patch against the other and keep that detuning when automating the master tone. I hope that makes sense.

I’ll try it out with Push tonight when I get home. Very eager to get it on. My history with my MKS70 made it so I never really had the chance to learn it properly, but I’m betting a lot on this panel to get me out of this.

I also want to delve in the LookAndFeel of CTRLR, so might try to change the colors when the link is activated. I’ve updated the panel, so that the Patch Key Mode gets updated on patch dumps.
Not ALL parameters get updated now. Also, the After Touch control are missing of the panel, and some more. Shouldn’t take long once I’m with my MKS70. So i’ll get to those. I might be missing some sysex details here as not all params are shown in the latest manual.

Btw, if someone can help on the GUI, it’d be great. Although I think the panel has become more useable as it is now. It could be more compact still…

: I’ll be in Bern next Tuesday. How did the PWM mod go? I want to order from Fred, but it seems he’s finished the batch already?

xx edit xx
Forgot to add the updated panel.

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