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Thanks for you dump Possemo.

Could you please send a dump that starts with a program change you’d load from the MKS please? Will be a bit easier to compare.

I’ve updated the panel, so that it behaves a bit better. The Lua was relaunching a bit too many things on every midi message received. So Filtered that a bit, in a nasty way though… But heh, it works.
What I’ve couldn’t figure out unfortunately, was how to mute the program change messages that get sent on the panel updates. Those cause the whole panel to reload everything twice, and send sysex twice as well. Which is far less than optimal. If someone a bit more knowledgeable can pitch in here, i’d love some help.

All the present parameters update to reflect the status of the synth now. If I missed something please let me know.

My OS version doesn’t seem to be sending the KEY MODE value in the Patch APR. So I can’t get the correct values to finish the lua there. The code to update starts at line 14 of the assignPatchParamValues function.

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