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I try to do dragAndDrop with componentchild targets and IsInterested , Events independent of parent
and if see if that works

I’ve created valid components with some prop in beforeLoadingCallback and I get issue with addAndMakeVisible :

-- Called when the panel has finished loading
Loaded = function()

Mytext = ""
 for u = 1,6
       Mytext = Mytext.."ID".. CFlt?u?:getComponentID().."\n"
--     panel:getComponent("Filter"):addAndMakeVisible (CFlt?u?,-1)  -- Ambiguous 
--     GFlt?u?:drawText("coucou",0,10,64,20,CENTRE,false) 
--     CFlt?u?:paint(GFlt?u?)

panel:getLabelComponent("TEXT"):setText(Mytext)  -- working


*table separator are represented with “?”
I haven’t set componentName not sure it is needed

Not sure if must type a stringComponentName or identifier (here a table name) in
addAndMakeVisible but this fails

“And for it to serve any useful purpose, you’ll need to write a subclass of Component or use one of the other types of component from the library. ”
What does it means ?