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    Glad to see my panel is getting used outside of my studio. Didn’t expect it could be worth that much cash. I’m always open for donations 🙂

    That is indeed a LOT of new parameters, which deserve a re-thinking of the GUI. Especially with all the power brought by the looping enveloppes. This would need some graphical ADSR visualisation. Which would be really cool to implement on the current enveloppes too. I find the sliders are a bit hard to use, as you currently have no way of knowing how long your attack or decay will really be.

    About the CTRLR setup. The way I go about it, is couple (rack) it in Ableton Live with an external instrument device. That way, the CTRLR only takes care of sending the SYSEX and controlling the synth parameters, while the external instrument sends the MIDI notes and receives the Audio directly in the same channel.