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I never looked into Ableton Live. I always used Cubase (very old ver.). Now with my new x64 Windows-PC I am trying out Reaper.

I received the kit from Fred yesterday. So, yesterday I fitted the components on the daughterboards (I ordered a non-luxury version). The new PWM-kit pictures on are showing the use of ribbon cables. This looks nice, I think I will do it this way. I’m still looking for the best way to fit the daughterboards in the already crowded 2U-Rack of the MKS. The PWM-kit pictures are all taken from a JX-10 where you have plenty of space. But no problem, I will find a way it will just take some time.

If everything goes well I will need a patch editor to explore the new features. Will have to try to get into sysex…
I found a good starting place for this. Do you know it already?

On part 1 he explains the weird KeyMode, as well as many other JX-sysex specialities.