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Hello Possemo,

Thanks for the links. I wish I had found those when I was programming the panel… Most of the parameters sysex I had to find myself by trial and error, which was VERY long….

So you know, the panel already works by using the data sent by the synth on PATCH and TONE dumps. This data is used to update the whole panel. This bit of code could definitely be optimised though.

Basically, to extend the panel, you will have to extend the sysex capabilities. I do not know how the PATCH and TONE dumps are handled on the Vecoven 4.0 OS. So you’ll need to ask him about those so that the synth will update correctly when data is sent from the MKS70/JX10.
I’m hoping I will have time to add the extra functionalities myself, as it shouldn’t be too long, but i’ll have no way of testing it at all.

Maybe it’s worth having a button the user can engage that extends the UI if he/she has the PWM mod installed. That would be nifty 🙂