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No worries.

The easiest way is to create a new panel.

Right click on the panel and add a uiSlider.

With the uiSlider (modulator-1) selected (should have an orange box around it), scroll down in the right pane until you get to the MIDI section.

Set midiMessageType to CC
set midiMessageCtrlrNumber to 2 (for filter cutoff, or 1 for pitch).

Up the top, select the Panel menu and select Panel Mode
In the MIDI menu select your MIDI output and set it to channel 1.

Now you should be able to play a note and use the mouse to move the new knob and it should change your filter cutoff.

I thought about the range today, and it actually ranges from 0 to 78 (hex) or 120 (decimal), but it will only have 16 steps over the range. It’s essentially a full knob range anyway.

The Puppeteer