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From what I read in the manual, the pitch and filter mod are the only 2 parameters that can be controlled in real time. Probably volume and pan as well.

From what I can tell (and I don’t have a poly 800 to test it with) all of the sysex stuff if for dumps.

Conceivably you could build a panel to allow offline editing and then dump the patch to the Poly 800, but I don’t think it will allow real time control, based on what I read in the manual.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to work on a panel with you, and not having a Poly 800 to develop with will make it difficult. I’m currently immersed in my Kurzweil PC3 editor panels, which will be an enourmous job given that a) no SYSEX or control spec has been released, meaning I need to completely reverse engineer it myself from trial and error, and b) there are probably more than 10,000 parameters that can be controlled.

Am happy to answer questions if I am able, on the forum though and give what support I can, for you to do it.

I’m still very new at this, but the Poly 800 should be an achievable panel for a beginner, with a bit of work.

I’d suggest the following steps.

1) work out how to manually dump from the Poly 800 to something like SendSX (

2) Isolate a patch from the dumps for testing

3) Work out how to send that patch manually from Ctrlr using a button and the SYSEX box in the right pane.

4) Work out how to send the patch manually using LUA (panel:sendMidiMessageNow(m) will be useful where m is your SYSEX String) and how to trigger that from a panel control.

5) Work out how to assign knobs and sliders to variables and to substitute them into the sysex string prior to sending it for a single control

6) Repeat step 5 for all other controls

7) Make it look pretty.

The Puppeteer