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Had trouble using glb var as i used it

mod changeCallbak -> setGlobal
other mod changeCallbak -> getGlobal

As I said before to Puppeteer there is global(panel) Callback for glb var change
That’s working fine

Attach mod to glb var and apply what you want in this panel script Callback

You can put complex expressions in it

-- Called when a global variable has changed it's value

MyVariables = function( index,  value)

MySndGens = panel:getComponent("SoundGens")
MyFilter = panel:getComponent("Filter")
MyBufList = panel:getComponent("BufferList")
vwEdtTab = panel:getModulatorByName("EditTab")

      if index == 5 
    then panel:getCanvas():repaint()                              
--repaint all the panel
  elseif index == 0 and value == 0
    then panel:setGlobalVariable(2,panel:getGlobalVariable(2)%4)  
-- return to the start 
    else   if index == 2 
         then local a = BigInteger(panel:getGlobalVariable(0))
              local b = BigInteger(1)          
              local c = a:getBitRangeAsInt(0,7)
              local d = b:getBitRangeAsInt(0,7)
              local e = (23 + c)%128                
              local f = (23 + d)%128
                       if c ~= d 
                     then panel:sendMidiMessageNow(CtrlrMidiMessage{0xF0,0x3E,0x10,0x00,0x17,d,f,0xF7})
           if vwEdtTab ~= nil  
         then CurrentSound() 
           if BufferToGet == nil 
         then vwEdtTab:setModulatorValue(0,false,false,false)
         else vwEdtTab:setModulatorValue(1,false,false,false)
           if MySndGens ~= nil then MySndGens:repaint() end
           if MyBufList ~= nil then MyBufList:repaint() end
           if MyFilter ~= nil  then MyFilter:repaint()  end

Apparently you can even set a global var in it :
“if index == 0 then panel:setGlobalVariable(2,MODEA)”

currentsound() is a sub script with complex glb var expressions, it is not in the main scritp because I use it elsewhere for panel startup (important step)

function CurrentSound()
       local a0 = panel:getGlobalVariable(0)
       local a1 = panel:getGlobalVariable(1)
       local a2 = panel:getGlobalVariable(2) + 1        
       local a3 = panel:getGlobalVariable(3) + 1
       local a4 = panel:getGlobalVariable(4) 
       local a67 = panel:getGlobalVariable(6 +a0 ) 
          if a1 == 1
        then    if a67 ~= a2
              then BufferToGet = MyBuffers[a0+1].FDAT[a2]             
                   SBufIdx =  a2                       
            elseif a67 == a2    
              then     if a4 == 0 
                     then BufferToGet = nil
                          SBufIdx =  nil 
                   elseif a4 == 1
                     then    if MyBuffers[a0+1].FDAT[a3] ~= nil  
                           then BufferToGet = MyBuffers[a0+1].FDAT[a3] 
                           else BufferToGet = nil
                          SBufIdx =  a3 
        else BufferToGet = nil
             SBufIdx =  nil
             MultiMode = a0
      return BufferToGet , SBufIdx , MultiMode   

in brief
if index ~= GlobalVariable(5) then
the script create 3 LUA variables I can use after elsewhere
if index == 2 I send one or two midi messages
if index == 0 then I set GlobalVariable(2) then the script restart ( a kind of loop)
then I send one or two midi messages !
That way the LUA variables created are always refreshed when you turn any knobs attached to glb var .you can still use panel:getGlobalVariable(index) if don’t want to use LUA variable to call the glob var value

If that can help