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Hi opuswerk,

I never bought a eprom-burner because I use it too rarely. As a starting point I would look here:

The CPUs are already desoldered and the sockets are in place. I noticed that I miss practice for soldering/desoldering. I haven’t done it for a long time. I really hope I did not fry any chips…

I had to wait for some ribbon cable and other things I ordered so I looked into the MKS-70 panel and now I understand it much better. I have a question about the “uiCombos”. You made a piece of lua-code to set the sysex-strings, but you could make it simple by just defining the changing values in the uiComboContent like this:

For example dco range (you have to put dec. values):
16 = 100
8 = 80
4 = 50
2 = 0

And then you can set the sysex-string like the other controllers with the MidiMessageSysexFormula like this (just an example from dco tune): f0 41 36 00 24 20 01 0d xx f7
Or does this has some disadvantages?

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