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Hi Opuswerk,
I coudn’t agree more with you :ยด( Maybe the new Vecoven OS4.0 has a “PG800 compatibilty mode” which would mostly work with the actual panel. But I want a panel that implements the new features. It’s already in progress and some parameters are already working. If possible I use CC’s (not all Parameters react to CC’s) and I want to make graphic envelopes. When I get news (or when I am stuck somewhere) I will post it here.
Thanks for your offer to help me out if necessary.

Ah, and I have to mention my promise to do the pwm-mod for you… I generally don’t
say I won’t do it but I somewhat underestimated the amount of work. And there is a risk of turning your MKS-70 into a brick which I really don’t want to happen. But I can make you the following offer: When you get the pwm-kit someday we could do the mod together with my equipment. With two additional helping hands the mod would be done faster. I guess it would take two weekends at max.