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my panel for the [MKS-70 VecovenOS v4.0] is nowhere near finished but if someone is intested in the actual state I’d post it here. I decided to make the graphic envelopes not editable by draging the mouse. Just moving the knobs below the envelopes is much easier code and for me it cuts it. There is still a lot to be done. BendRange and KeyMode do not work but I will fix this in the next days. I would like to add some sort of librarian to handle a Bulk-Dump of the MKS-70 but this looks rather complex. Before I’l give a try on this I will add the code from opuswerk to be able to load a patch from the MKS-70.

You can already see the amazing amount of parameters the MKS-70 gets with the VecovenOS v4.0. I made two tabs for the upper and lover tone because of that.


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