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Help needed please.

Hello, I am using this CTRLR panel in Windows 7 64b 16gig ram, RMEinterface MOTUmidi DAW: Ableton Live 9.1.7

I get the panel to kind of communicate, I can use the configure button on the Ableton plugin instance to control the parameters of the patch/synth.(automation in Ableton)

I can move a slider on the panel and it preforms its function on the Juno.

issues I am having:
the panel interface settings for each patch stays the same when I change the patches on the Juno or the panel or Ableton (program change int he midi section)

The midi part / clip (piano roll) when I press a keyboard key plays sound but no indication in the midi clip what key was pressed, usually the key on the piano roll in Albeton lites red.

The envelope graphic window on the panel is blank so is the patch name.

I have the unit in local mode off ; omni off.

I am thinking I set the midi ports up funny, and I am using a separate interface for the CTRLR panel because there was some conflict with Ableton hogging the midi ports.

If anyone could assist here Id be happy. Thank you.