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For whatever reason I cannot export panels with resources from my main computer. I can export the exact same bpanels from a separate computer and it works every time, but from my main computer it no longer works.

I’ve wiped ctrlr, deleted the AppData/Ctrlr directory, generated new UID, saved to new locations, reloaded resources, reattached resources to the existing controls, run as administrator and resources just do not work from this computer.

I’ve installed 1655, the same version as I have on my tablet and still no resources.

The exe files are about the right size (10MB), but even if I move them to another computer, there are no resources on the other computer.

Generating the exe from the other computer generates an exe with the resources that displays fine on that computer, but when I try to open the exact same file on my primary computer, again there are no resources.

I’m lost as to what I can try to get the resources back on my primary computer.

The bpanelz opens fine and everything shows up OK, but as soon as I make an instance or limited instance, the resources don’t display.

Is there anything else I can try? This is doing my head in.

The Puppeteer