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I’m on something but it’s long . It will be not free but sold cheap
it does not have a beautiful design with nice knobs but all sound params is in one page , all modulation sources&targets set by drag&drop from fixed lists,graphic envelopes, graphic arp with random step timing &lenght represented by timer. Panel Color choice of your device .drumset will quasi work in real time . sounds of drumset could be set (not possible with the device). my philosophia is someone turn on a microQ, play with it, modify sounds ,create multi or not ,save all in the DAW preset file and turn off microQ. Tomorrow he turn on the microQ,open the DAW project , restitute all the microQ state and continue the project
no program bank is planned but all factory sounds could be loaded (part not done yet ) .sounds could be saved in SYX to store them as well the microQ state in own format .A Q/Q+ version is on the go with the step seq editor (no way it works in realtime but could be useful )