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I’ve been using your panel for a few days and I think it’s great. The best way I’ve found to edit the spectrum without a PC1600.

My question is regarding whether you have gotten the full bank dump request sysex to work. I would like to be able to backup my RAM. I’ve tried sending the string described in the 1.22 addendum:

Dump All 64 RAM patches:
F0 00 00 1B 02 09 01 7F F7

while listening in receive mode using the elektron c6 sysex dump utility, however, I’m not getting any response from the peavey other than the blinking red light that my message is being received.

It’s a great synth. Kinda reminds me of a cross between a jd990/matrix1000/ensoniq-SD. Very nice tone. I would like to get serious about making my own patches.

So far I’ve been able to select which ROM sounds i want as starting points in the RAM slots, but I want to be able to backup my selections before I start to edit.

The trouble I’m having initiating a dump makes me concerned that I’ll not be able to store the edit buffer using

Save Edit Buffer to current RAM location (if current patch is between 0 and 63):
F0 00 00 1B 02 09 07 00 F7

but I haven’t got that far yet.

Have you worked at a way to save edits to the user RAM and to initiate sysex dumps?