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Excellent, I am glad that someone else is finding this panel useful. Indeed I plan to incorporate more features, however work commitments and a recent house move have put the project on the back burner for the time being.

Regarding Edit Buffer Dumps, there is no Sysex in the firmware for this. I contacted Peavey on the off-chance that they might be able to help; and they went to some effort to contact an engineer who worked on the Spectrum Synth. I thought this was above and beyond for a long discontinued model and really appreciate their efforts. This was the engineers reply:

“There is no command for dumping the edit buffer. But there looks to be a workaround.

1. Recall a preset via program change.
2. Use sysex command WriteEditBuf (command #7). Data after the 7 is the preset destination, 0-63. This will obviously overwrite a RAM location, which is the “price” of the workaround.
3. Use sysex command DumpRamProgram (command #1). Data of 0-63 chooses a single preset, so match the number with that used in the previous step. (Data of 127 is a flag for Dump All.)

Hope that helps,

John Fera
Digital Design Engineer”

I have made some small tweaks to the layout and other items that were bothering me and can post the revised file if you would like.

How do you find the ‘Cross-Point Modulation’, it did not work for me and I think my Sysex implementation is at fault?


Here is some noise I organised into an acceptable format: