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Is the 127 value 7bit-ized? I’ve tried sending

Dump All 64 RAM patches:
F0 00 00 1B 02 09 01 7F F7

as hex and the peavey does not respond.

The only place I’ve found that gives an example between converting regular hex to 7bitized is your example on the defective records board. “4A in the manual I have to enter 02 4A in the string.”

Do I need to use 02 7F instead?

Why couldn’t they have just listed the actual strings you’d enter into a sequencer. ahh

I haven’t gotten deep into testing everything in the panel. Cross-point modulation included, but I’ll be testing everything as soon as I get my RAM backed up.

Does the panel have a way to load parameters from a preset so that it shows the current values?

Unless I’m mistaken currently it only performs operations on the edit buffer, but does not read from it, nor can one save to RAM from the panel.

I assume this is what you were referring to regarding how to request an edit buffer dump? I’d be quite satisfied if it could read from a preset, present the parameters on the panel and allow editing to the buffer, then saving to RAM.