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So I gave the PG800c a different color scheme, decided to theme each tone with a different colour (red and blue) with green for patch params. Looks pretty good I think (see attached image). Might rearrange it completely with A-upper set up vertically on the left side, B on the right, with patch params in the middle. Might present some nice advantages for editing as opposed to horizontal setup.

opuswerk, I’ve noticed one issue with the panel (but really only one) — the “chromatic shift” knobs seem to skip around. If you turn either one, say, all the way left and move it to the right, it rises in pitch like it should until about 30 (in the readout window) then holds whatever pitch it arrives at at 30 until around 100 or so, then jumps down (rather than up; and byt this I mena the sound from the JX, not the readout number) and continues downward in pitch from there. The other tuning knobs seem to scale correctly.

According to this page:
..the chromatic shift parameter(s) run from -24 – +24.

But that’s all I’ve found. Thanks again.

Edit: so the chromatic shift parameter(s) aren’t full range across 0-127; 0-24 = 0 (no shift) to +24; 104-127 = -24 to -1. So is it possible to have a single parameter knob/slider ignore 25-103? Just jump to 103 after 24 (though I think it would need to be reversed)? Anyway I’ll figure it out.

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