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@midiquestions : did you activate the sysex messages on your MKS70 ? What OS is your JX10? This panel is made to work with the Vecoven OS, but it should also work with the previous one on the Upper Tone only.


I have the latest version of Vecoven on the JX-10, v3.07 I believe. I just bought it this month. Everything works fine internally on the synth, and it does receive program changes, so the MIDI In clearly is working, and the OS chip installed fine. But I can’t edit anything in the tone or patch parameters via CTRLR.

In the MIDI menu of the JX, I have set everything to “Recv,” which should mean that it is getting messages in for SysEx and CC messages. I have set all of the MIDI channels to “3” (upper, lower, and control), and I set CTRLR up to output on channel 3 for this panel. Still, no dice.

CTRLR works with my other synths in the rig. I have no idea why it’s not working with the JX-10…

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