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I also had issues with setting the channels on the MKS70. I believe I had to reset everything to channel 1 for it to work. I didn’t dig too much into this though. Could you see if it’s working with channel 1?
It could be that you need to replace the strings in the sysex messages to the correct unit, but I thought Vecoven’s OS was smart enough to avoid this trap…
The best would be to monitor your MIDI input and change a value on the synth, and check if the beginning bytes of the string match with what the panel is sending.

I was trying to do stuff like this, but didn’t really succeed. I suppose one should do some Lua to work around that limitation. I suppose maybe @atom could chip in here?
Regarding the UI, I’ve been in touch with someone who could do a MUCH better job than me and hoping he’d have some free time at some point to do the panel as well. The previous versions were laid out vertically, but I found while using it, that having the controls laid out in a horizontal fashion and following the signal path from left to right worked better for me. But heh, that’s one of the beauties of CTRLR, everyone can make their own 😀