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I also had issues with setting the channels on the MKS70. I believe I had to reset everything to channel 1 for it to work. I didn’t dig too much into this though. Could you see if it’s working with channel 1?
It could be that you need to replace the strings in the sysex messages to the correct unit, but I thought Vecoven’s OS was smart enough to avoid this trap…
The best would be to monitor your MIDI input and change a value on the synth, and check if the beginning bytes of the string match with what the panel is sending.


I e-mailed Fred Vecoven today, and he also suggested the Channel 1 fix. I haven’t tried it yet but will do so later today.


Thank you for your input! As long as it is friendly and informed (which it was), I am always up for it. And I do use Reaper, so I will check into that once I get all this working.

I will try more MIDI monitoring if I don’t see any improvements.