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Hi opuswerk, I agree, I think a vertical layout could be a bit more intuitive. It’ll take me a while, but I’m inspired to actually learn Ctrlr/Lua and make my own rather than ride on the shoulders of giants :). midiquestions has asked that I upload your panel with the new colours — would you mind? Don’t want it to look like I’m taking credit for the underlying code. Or I could send it to you to post it, whatever you like.

Hi midiquestions, glad it’s working for you. The image I posted is just a recolouring of opuswerk’s panel, just wanted to make the A and B separation a little more obvious and a few other small fixes. I’m not comfortable uploading it without his permission, but if he doesn’t mind, I will, note I haven’t changed any of the underlying code (the important part), that’s 100% his.

Anyway I’ve made a few more changes so it looks pretty spiffy I think, don’t think I’ll change anything else. See in my posts below that I’m trying to figure out how to get the chromatic shift knobs working a bit more intuitively, might just cannibalize some code for them from Possemo’s SuperJX 4.0 panel (if he’s OK with that) or see if atom will help, as opuswerk suggested. Really it’s not a big deal, just need to understand that 0-23 (as seen in output reading in yellow at the top) is upper 2 octaves, and 104-127 is lower 2 octaves.

Attaching an image of the probably-final version of the GUI recolour I’ve done. Happy to upload it if opuswerk’s fine with it:

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