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Hi, I’m still working on it as I’m discovering Ctrlr at the same time. I’m only working on it during w-e (sometimes a bit during the week though).
I had to switch from CC messages exchange to NRPN.
I also discovered errors and missing messages in the NRPN pages of the Sub37 manual.
The panel is almost fully functioning but I’m missing the 6 and 4 positions buttons.
I will adapt the layout now as I will add enveloppe display (this is working in my test panel) and so I know how to do this.
Next step to test is to make buttons moving or switches changing when you do it on the actual synth. I have the impression this has been working once but not anymore. Maybe due to the switch to NRPN? (I have changed the output filter to NRPN on the Sub37 Midi menu 3.3).

: any feedback on this? IS there something to do to have buttons following the actual physical state? I have seen methods like midiMessageReceived
Then next step will be to output a patch from the Sub37 (Midi menu 3.5 buffer send), to analyse it to be able to rebuild it in Ctrlr and to have a method able to resend it to the Sub37.
Then add a way to read all presets names in each bank and display them in the panel.
So, still some work…