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Panel classes here:

this is casting more light. main repository for these pages:

more terms: ‘const’, ‘void’,(‘static’, ‘static void’, etc.),

these *.h files look like a roadmap for Ctrlr Lua at this point.
this merits a decent section in the manual – or at least an
introduction and listing for the ones one is more likely to

each ‘const’ is listed with a description, and the parameters
it expects – this will help me make sense of what
parameters are needed in parentheses following the function,
-this has been a source of newbie confusion: why do some
functions have nothing in parenthesis, and others have one
or more eg: (mod,value), (0, false), (0, false, false) etc.

here, i can see what those parameters are. something to
chew on for today ;o)