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human fly
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    welcome to Ctrlr :o) – until you get used to how it
    saves, you can have some unpleasant surprises.
    waah where’s all my work gone.

    i do not use ‘save versioned’, i’m not too sure about it
    yet – i lost some work getting mixed up about what version
    i was working on several times. so now i just make a new
    file when i do a major save. and i appear to ‘save’ that
    file when i do quicky saves, so i feel confident with that

    something you should watch out for if you use groups and
    tabs .. is that modulators you put in them are then identified
    with that tab/group. and if you drag from one group to another,
    it (was, could have been fixed) keeping that attribute. so that
    when you open the panel next time, all your objects have jumped
    back into their former container.

    the way to avoid this seems to be to drag them onto the workspace
    first, to clear the names, and then they can be moved to their

    all good, except i just found what is perhaps a bug:
    the tabs attributes (UItab name, tab number) don’t exist before
    the item is placed on the tab. and then are not destroyed when
    the item is on no tab: the name is cleared, but the tab number
    still exists. so you can have a modulator in a group that is not
    on/in a tab, that has a tab number.

    i noticed this looking at the Modulator List, and one had this
    tabs attribute where the others didn’t, and none were on tabs.