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the answer to that is here: first paragraph:

Issue with getModulatorValue

I have three … uiToggleButton, each with a different name and each in a Radio group … (with Is component a member of a group checked”.
This part is OK, I can have only one button checked at a time .. ”

you also set the Radio Group number you want.

there’s a problem with the Radio Button action, though:
for ‘exclusive’ button action,
one button must remain down at all times. you should only
switch off the currently engaged button by pressing
another button in the group.
with this, you can switch off the current ‘on’
button, so that all are ‘false’. that’s wrong.

have had a little try with lua -and found a way to ‘lock’ a button 🙂
but no success for ‘exclusive’ yet. i’m sure this is simple for
someone out there! — a ~= b or c or something like that.
logic exercise, anyone? :o)

it looks like it needs a little add-on function used by all the
buttons in a group, in addition to, or instead of the Ctrlr
RadioButton properties. or maybe it’s something needed as a
features request.