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ok: i can run a ‘panel loaded’ method now, clear on that.

i would like some clarification of some things i’ve
observed, and some info i’m picking up:

toggling ‘panel mode’, brings back the views i have
hidden with setVisible. this doesn’t seem to mean it
will load wrong in the end exported version: i have
exported ‘exe’ versions that run ok, but don’t as *.panel
files. (re:component visibility on load)

so i’m interested in what is going on there. panel mode on/off,
and what is the difference in those states of the program:

(not familiar with meaning of ‘bootstrap’, soz..)

i can save it in Panel Mode, and it opens well – although there’s
something going on there: it only opens well if the values on the
main parameters (controlling the views) are saved different from
their intended startup values, and need to be changed on load,
ie: ? activated ?

i also read that MIDI output is suspended with getRestoreState,
-when it is ‘true’? – well, i’m having a problem with 4 sysex
messages being sent out as Ctrlr starts(or as the panel loads).
i can’t see any reason -yet- why these modulators might be
sending out MIDI at that point – was not doing it before)