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In two days, I have now 75 panel files 🙂
I’m only using save versioned now. I’m sorting files in the directory with ‘Date Modified’ so even if I do a regular save it appears in the correct position.

I was actually working with groups just right now 🙂 I’m making a multi-segment lcd display. It’s working fine. Did not have any problems with groups. I’m using Ctrlr v5.3.198 on mac. However I’ve experienced another problem which caused me to loose almost half a day of work now 🙂

The problem is with the ‘uiLCDLabel’ component. Apparently, the ‘uiLabelInput AllowedChars’ parameter is not working. The solution: use a regular label with font ‘LDC2’ instead of lcdlabel with ‘LCD’ font. ‘uiLabelInput AllowedChars’ parameter is working fine in regular label. Also, for some reason, the ‘LCD2’ font is only available in regular label and ‘LCD’ font is only available in lcdlabel. They are very similar but different. I like the ‘LCD’ font better but I’m not gonna be able to use it due this allowed chars bug 🙁

I have many small LCDs, each in a group, and all these groups are in another group, so i can position, crop and access each separately. Now I have to change all of them to regular labels 🙁

So frustrating… Still, ctrlr is an amazing package 🙂