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i’ve found Goodweather’s post about this. iceleben was having
the same problem, and ended up at the same solution: get load-up
to read a dummy button.

strange behaviour of setVisible during startup

*i see*: you suggest actually switching the visibility off for those
objects in Properties pane. wow, how did you think of that ? 🙂
i will give it a go now.

edit: it doesn’t go ‘invisible’ when i untick that 🙁 it just goes
greyed out.
edit: oh it does go invisible when you tick ‘panel mode’..and i saved
and re-opened – without a panelloaded method – and yes, they are all
invisible, until i click my ‘reset’ button which has a setVis’ method.

ok, very good. so far so good.. now i just have to use ‘panelLoaded’
to set up an initial view. or something: i anticipate another problem,
because these depend on another parameter – and i don’t want that to
send out a sysex message as its value is reset.

so:(i think?) you identified that the component was getting conflicting
setVis’ instructions – in fact: the final ‘properties’ are overriding
what the lua has set? so, in a way, you ‘disconnect’ that, and let the
‘setVis’ have a less fixed visibility, so it is free to be controlled
only by lua. (something like that)

ah: some progress at last 🙂