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um, in fact i’ve now put it back, with the property default
at ‘visible’ – because it isn’t making much difference, and
isn’t ideal for working at this point.

what seems to make more difference is whether anything needs
changing on load or not: if the parameter value has to be
changed to match the default load value, views set correctly.
if the value is already ok, and nothing has to change, both
views show.

so i don’t even know if it is the modulatorValueChanged lua doing it.

the other thing to try is another setvisible function, using
one of the setProperty.. methods, especially if i’m setting it
invisible with the button beforehand. back to the drawing board.
i want to nail a reliable way of doing this.

i came across this post by Atom, with a list of Ctrlr methods,
which i assume cross references with the github *.h files.
would like to know more about key methods here, and how
various versions with similar names differ. i guess the github
pages give the parameters, and there’s a description there.
(this all has to go in the lua section of the ‘manual’ !)

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