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can now provide a demo to illustrate much better:

zip 4.9mb

zip has (win)*.exe and *.bpanelz – realised that the b(inary)panelz
format can include reZource fileZ for images etc. and is the
best format for distributing demo files.

this shows how it opens in both formats.(ctrlr 5.4.29)
(note how it clips the bottom off the rendered size)

the group views seem to be loading ok in the exe.
strange thing is that if you change ‘structure’ and close
without saving, that is how it will open next time. don’t
know how this would work on a system where Ctrlr main prog
is not installed. does it write an *.inf file somewhere on
first run, and close?

in the bpanelz, first look i had, it looked messed up
(just now) – but it’s all in there if you want to have
a look and messaround with it.

i’m ok with this for inclusion in my main panel
for now. the ‘structure’ image sliders might seem
a bit weird to use. seemed like the best semantic
for what it does, once you know what it’s for: ie:
you see what it is, no text.