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ah, great. thank you.
when i tried, i was using print
so that works 🙂 and i can get on with some tutorials.

is console the same as print? i’ve seen console used in
methods ie: where a patch name string is being assembled.
where does ‘console’ come into play in a finished panel?

what i’ve noticed about 5.4.29, vs. the 5.4.2 version i was
using before – is that the compiler no long tells you why and
where your method has failed (in red). this was useful. now
you only get info when you compile successfully and run it
when you start the panel, or trigger it from a modulator.
so i preferred 5.4.2 in that sense.
don’t know what other changes have been made.

Q? > is it possible to go backwards in versions with files? !
ie: can you open a 5.5.xx file in 5.4.xx ?