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(again, posting eg: newb’ case scenario type )
am progressing a (tiny) bit now.

guys:(thinking about ‘the manual’)
that is such a critical link as a beginner with Lua.

Of course, there is also the ‘Utility’ tab, for each object/modulator, which
gives you all its properties and their ‘names’. i’ve been messing around
with changing text colour, and writing text to a label, that’s cool.

the difficulty there is knowing how to address parameters: (ie:when do they
need to be created in the function header?) so i need to study (and have on
hand ) those properties and their parameters – would be good as a chart –

i would say this is the stage i’m at now: learning about parameters,
beginning to think about tables-how to build/use etc- and strings. still
don’t really understand this ‘console’ business in the context of ctrlr.
aware of, but not yet conversant with: different types of bracketing.

what i’ve found useful: i made an empty *.panel file, and then spent a day
browsing through the panels library, looking at what other people have done.
making ‘groups’ in the Lua Editor, named with source(panel), with the
interesting methods in each, for things like midi operations, panel startup,
etc. – so that is currently a reference ‘lua library’ file i load up when
i need ‘inspiration’, a reminder, or want to start studying the next step.

loads of questions … :o)