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I think Roman said once that Ctrlr is not suited for making a sequencer – it won’t work properly.

Anyway, I made a simple sequencer using timers (if you want to have a look I attached the panel to this post). Timing is not really defined and there is no sync to midiclock or whatever but to my knowledge it is the only way because Ctrlr’s Lua can only run one script at a time. When you start a script that runs forever (e.g. start the sequencer until you wan’t to stop it) there will be no way to stop it. It will freeze everything else in Ctrlr and it will play the sequence forever. Timers are an exception as they are run every x millisecond (you can define this parameter). In this gap, when the timer is not running, Ctrlr is still responsive. Furthermore you can define when to stop the timer.

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