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downloaded, thanks! interested to check out what you did.
ok, well it is not a serious sequencer project. it’s more
to get a bit of practice getting things to happen.
a bit of parameter animation or something could be fun.

so far, i’ve just gone, ‘oh, let’s see if i can do that..’,
-trying to reproduce stuff i’m familiar with –
and it worked, so it’s about adding little things as i go.

i’d like to see if i can get a counter running anyway.
it doesn’t have to be the event generator: i mean i’m
not trying to make a 96ppqn thing, just a series of
memory slots that the thing can step to when it receives
a trigger. and: absolutely gratuitous, no reason for it
at all at this point :o)
if i can start it and stop it, and get it to produce a
trigger my ‘clock’ button at intervals – and then see
what happens.