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human fly
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‘You found out most things yourself’ – *not without the help
i’ve had from you guys !* – and i still have a good way to
go applying and comprehending some fundamental principles of
programming – which i’m going to post about again on that
Lua beginner’s thread: eg: ‘arguments'(..jargon!), variables, is only just beginning to come into focus. otherwise,
i’m just copying and amending, with a rough notion, until
i get a result 🙂

i think it would be good to collect all that info, and a
library of standard methods (such as have been provided
by previous users ) as a general Ctrlr resource – at some
point, or as an ongoing thing. – well, it does exist, since
there’s a library of panels that is a huge resource.

i learnt synthedit by going through hundreds of examples
for a while, there was a very good library at that point
– sadly i got into that just too late to nag jeff about a few
things in the 1.1 version, so i’m a v1.017 die-hard –
so that’s probably a good learning format for musicians ..
you need a bit of gratification getting things to work as
you learn.

lol so i spent yesterday figuring out how the popup menus
work as a brief detour – now that looks full of possibilities..
any idea where the menu properties are? i can change the
vertical height of rows, eg: change 20 to 15. can popups have
a colour? text colour? opacity/alpha? i also see an entry for
(image) – does this mean you could have there a list with an
image for each item on the list? it would be a good solution
for my D-series ‘structure’ selector, where you ideally want
to see what the algorithm looks like (as you would with an
FM synth too) when you select options numerically.

have also seen and reproduced how you do tables – so i now
have parameter tables done for the D-110, it didn’t take
too long once i got stuck in, and is ready for renumbering
– and recycling for different uses –
if i ever get to figure out the bulk dump formats. ah, but
that is way down the line, i hardly dare hope to send and
retrieve presets and have an offline library at this point.

i can see how the timers are used, roughly. can that be referred
to as an ‘interrupt’? pause something while another process
completes, so that the result is available when the process
resumes? i found the order of some methods interesting: it
seems like some things should come after something it depends
on, but if you try to move the order, it doesn’t work anymore.

i have also found i can create some functions on startup and
use them later – but other functions created like that don’t
work (yet?). i quite like the idea of creating a load of small
accessory functions on load, to be called by function name
later. it can be confusing having to look through different
methods to find out where a function is defined.

for the timer, i need to have another look. i still haven’t
figured out how to ‘handle’ it, or what the available parameters
and commands are – yes, i see start/stop/pause but ummm..
if i get a chance today.. cool-io, though: i now have popups !
(and tables)