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Hi goodweather,

Thnx for your post.
Actually, initially I was using timers but I had issues when a program was loaded from the library and when multiple non-midi-sending-modulators were updating at the same time; sendMidi sometimes sent very close messages even when I used timers, so to fix that I had to even include an additional initial delay as well to wait for modulators to finish updating, and then sending multiple messages with delays in between them, that worked, but that initial delay changes from system to system depending on cpu power and also it took a lot of milliseconds 🙂 timer method made additional processing and additional code etc, so now with this method I don’t have to care about any timing, different systems or timers etc and I can send multiple messages as quick as I want, not slower, not faster.
now with setting the global delay programmatically, it works flawlessly 🙂
I found this method to be very clean and working very nicely.
I highly recommend it.

Thnx a lot.