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that went quite well: i sussed it out just after that
post: i raised the envelope shape by around 50% and put
a centre line through it. it looks great 🙂
working from the SuperJX panel version. and i think
that’s the easiest to begin with. dasfaker’s version
with draggable nodes looks quite complicated.
i made the code look neat and easy to amend
and keep track of.

i also had a go yesterday at making an animated pulsewidth
shape from the waveform display in the matrix1000 panel.
figured out how to resize it down to what i need.
doing that for ‘saw pulse width’ was a big more challenging:
i was getting all kinds of strange shapes, had to settle for
something approximate – couldn’t get it to repeat in a
pattern like the original.

custom component is very cool. so you can basically make
it do all sort of things?

how does one export lua from one file and then import into
another? at the moment i’m copying across. it’s ok but
there must be a better way of managing, say a library of
favourites one imports during a project, before deleting
unnecessary/unused ones to clean it up later?