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ok: i want to do this:

i have a button called ‘consoletrig’ -momentary-, and a
LCDLabel called ‘console1’. i’m calling the method ‘toConsole’,
called by the button.

the method goes eg: console ("receiving sysex")

nb: i do now see how console works: the small dev window reports
all results and errors. if you want to see the result in the big
console window, you have to have it open before you trigger the
event that runs the method. – i’m getting a weird thing, though:
the message is triggered twice, even if i only make it a single
value button.(i can also see the red error text now, that i thought
wasn’t happening anymore- that’s it, it used to appear in the other

so: what i would now like to do is ‘get’ the text that was sent
to console and have it displayed in the LCDlabel.

i’ve tried a few things and i don’t know how it should be treated,
ie: as ‘text’ ? it didn’t like getText() and tells me i’m
trying to index global ‘console’ (a function value)

any ideas for this? i would like a little on-panel console monitor.
at least for the time being, as a tool. even if it just displays
‘correct’ results, and doesn’t give the error messages (although
that would be good too).

i do probably need to think further on the role and place of the
console output. i can see it ren’ed in methods, where it’s been
left in. maybe i can find an example of where it’s used to fetch