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right well i went back to looking at panels, jax8p by
Carl Licroy – and i note that he uses console quite a lot.

if you look at ‘midi message received’ method, each stage
is giving feedback via console. but what is that used for?
doesn’t seem to be destined for any display, so it must be
for error checking. ah yes: i’ve just seen everything that
ends up on the console from buttons on that panel – you need
to have the console page open before you do anything to see
anything appear.(wish someone had just told me haha)

had hoped to discover it was used to send to a label but it
looks not to be the case. so maybe i’ll just forget about it
and work on some other approach, like ‘getRange’ and tables.
(still curious whether iowrite will do it though)

edit: and i just realised ‘console’ does display in the
Lua editor compiler – that makes more sense. i just wasn’t
using it, and seeing it – because you tend not to re-compile
methods from panels when you’re looking at them.