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human fly
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originally, it goes:
ret = Tone_params:show(0,0,0,0)
i changed this, in order to make the rows narrower, to:
ret = Tone_params:show(15)

i really don’t know what the 0,0,0,0 refer to 🙂
it just changed the rows when i varied the first entry, trial
and error/hit’n’miss technique.

if a popup menu item entry is defined as:
common_params:addItem(2, "blablabla", true, false, Image())
that’s 5 parameters, including the image – or is it? – so i’m
thinking 0,0,0,0 does not refer to those.
ie: i just want to get “blablabla” onto my labeltext. not ‘2’.
which is what i’m getting at the moment.
have to check-see what happens if i try to define more than
the (15) row height i’m using instead.(hope that’s not too
woolly as an explanation!) – this could be something quite
simple, i’m just not getting the inspiration this morning.

anyway, yeah: what i’m suspecting is that the problem is
how i am defining ‘ret’ – of course – isn’t it? 🙂
i’ll have another try.

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