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human fly
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having another look round before i attack the little
sub-project i’ve made to study this – googling gets
me back to that page, at:
at ‘enum PopupMenu::ColourIds’ box, where there is ‘backgroundColourId’
and other definitions for text etc.

also found a forum question at:
which seems like a funky idea: transparent menu with coloured text hehe

but that comes under ‘look and feel’, which i have no experience of.
nor do i yet grasp the notion of classes and editing them.
(just a little extension of our discussion; i’ll see what i can come
up with so far later on today – just googling a bit atm)
-nb: at least we now know what those entries for show(0,0,0,0) are now.
i conclude that 0 allows whatever is needed, with no user definition.
when i just put (15) there, it gives me a reasonable item height, and
seems to work, so that must be allowed – will have to look further at that.

aagh forgotten how to read this stuff:

aha: JUCE examples. there appears to be something here: