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Possemo (if you’re there) : in the Matrix panel, you’ve got the
major/minor random methods, which have:

if sliders==1 then
	for k=1,69 do	


and then you have your parameter groups.

i still need modulatorCustomIndex, but i want to select
parameters by modulatorCustomIndexGroup (ie:”10″) or by
modulatorCustomNameGroup (ie:”customPEG1pt1″).

so i’ve tried substituting ‘componentGroupName’, but it
doesn’t seem to work. it’s essentially the same form, so
i’m wondering what’s missing. i haven’t needed to declare
at the beginning with my previous attempt, which works,
using ‘componentTabName’ as the grouping.

i’d like to do it with customIndexGroup or customNameGoup
because it offers better possibilities later if i want to
randomise without relying on things belonging to a uiTabs.
any thoughts? (had to leave this alone for a few days)