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back to basics, to figure this out – here is the simplest
form of random by group, with a simple randomize method
*not working*
mini demo panel:

method: (randomizes only first modulator in customNameGroup)


--randomize a group by customNameGroup

	--This stops issues during panel bootup
	if panel:getRestoreState() or panel:getProgramState() then return end

--custom group items to randomize
	local modGroup = panel:getModulatorWithProperty("modulatorCustomNameGroup","custGroup1")

--random seeder
	local t=os.time()
	local c=os.clock()

	rand = math.random(0,127) --value range to random

the ‘format string’ property below is not readable, cannot
see what is required there – is this the key to this?
i cannot see why this method would not ‘get’ all modulators
with same customGroupName. this is a simple method triggered
by button valuechange, no condition required there – and i
removed the ‘for…’ iteration, as it should not be needed.
nb: want to use this to check through all actions for
‘custom’ parameters – seems to be a useful thing to do?