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best advice: (i know it sounds unhelpful)
check out existing panels – demos mainly deal with Lua issues
and tricks/techniques/starter.

earlier panels with less Lua coding will be most helpful at first.
in fact, forget Lua to start with: get used to creating ‘modulators’
and arranging a basic panel – have a look at the rightside pane for
all the parameters, see what they do. mess around with colours, and
appearance, text and value displays. put things into Groups or onto
Tabs. find out how they copy and paste, there are some inherent
behaviours to get used to.

find out a file saving system you are comfortable with..
and be aware that Ctrlr opens up with a temporary file
it has saved that is not necessarily your last named, saved
file! if you want that one, close current, and re-open from
your saved file !

other important stuff: if you copy a modulator(‘object’),
and paste it onto the workspace, it *does not automatically
lose it’s group or tabs ownership status – if you do not
delete this, and save, and close, when you re-open you will
find your objects have ‘disappeared’. but they are still there,
hidden. they will exist in the Modulator List. you can make a
real mess of things here, and get very discouraged, and waste
a lot of work/time. so copy and paste carefully. best is the paste
to the workspace, and then check, and delete ‘tabs’ and ‘groups’
ownership, since it is no longer relevant. if you don’t…screws
things up every time. it is a main first problem to be aware of.

so make a mockup to get started, put things in groups, or on
panel tabs. save and reload, and see how you got on. then try
copying stuff, and avoiding the problems described above, save
and re-open, check if it is the way it is suppsed to be.

this will save you huge headaches and lost work later. it is
a fundamental premise to get to grips with.

save your files with your own names, is MY advice, and avoid
versioning – you don’t have to, i don’t fully grasp versioning –
and always remember that the current file it loads with is only
what you CLOSED it as. your last saved version is the file YOU
NAMED (and gave a version number to ie: v01, v02, v03 etc.)

hope this helps. no probs answering further questions.
have a look at the (long) D-110 topic, it’s all about
starting from scratch.