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(oh i did already start a topic on this..)

ok: i’ve used mouseDown in the same way for some buttons,
it didn’t seem to make a lot of difference, the way i was
using it.

i avoided using the Radio buttons thing because i was curious
to see if i could get a method to do it instead, as i have my
own highlighting going on (maybe it’s a bit laborious, too..)
oh yes: it’s because i want my buttons to appear to have a
momentary action, rather than staying latched down when selected,
and instead change the text colour on the button – in this case,
it appears as if a backlight comes on for the text.(i change
the ‘off’state text colour. i like the look.. 🙂 ) (same as
a led coming on above the selected item)

so i thought if i check the value of all buttons when the
onChange is called, with getValue, and then go as in the
code i showed above, it would select my tab number, but it
doesn’t seem to do anything.

i’ve tried it with individual methods/functions called, and
it changes the tab normally, so …? curious as to how to
do it with a single method.
(i’m going to be sending several changes with this button down,
it actually selects the Part, in a multitimbral setup – aaargh,
do i want to go there? …)